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Image by Ian Taylor

Normalizers helps those in the autistic and LGBTQIA+ communities no longer feel stigmatized, but normalized.
We give those inside and outside these communities the education necessary to increase empathy and inclusion.

Alex Iantaffi

"It's Totally Normal! is the book I have been waiting for as a family therapist working with trans and queer young people, as a sex therapist, and as a parent! It's brilliant, informative, intersectional and I wish I had a book like this growing up. It would have changed my life. If you are a parent, educator, therapist, or healthcare provider, this book is a must read and the perfect gift for the young people in your life."



Our nonprofit started as a simple mother/teen project to help others during the Covid 19 pandemic. Read how it grew into helping over 135,000 teens around the world and is still evolving today!

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