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Our nonprofit started as a simple mother-daughter TikTok project - Asha humoring me in my quest to bring social emotional learning to teens through social media.

One day, while doing a LIVE on TikTok, someone suggested we should be called the 'normalizers' because we were normalizing things that other people find strange, weird, abnormal, or even immoral. The name stuck, and turned into a full time endeavor with a mission to normalize stigmatized identities amongst teens. 

That soon evolved into The Kindness Project, one that is very near and dear to my heart. Of my teens, two are transgender, one is nonbinary, three are lesbian, and three are autistic. In our house, they are free to be themselves and be treated with love, empathy, and kindness...I want the same for them out in the world.

Monica (she/her) 

CEO and Co-Founder





Co-Founder and CEO (she/her)

I am a teacher, educational psychologist, mom, and now an author! I started teaching 20 years ago in a traditional (and very progressive) classroom, a combination of Humanities, Social Emotional Learning, and Sex Education. I then went back to earn my masters degree in educational psychology before setting out to teach the world.



Co-Founder and CMO (she/they)

As a minority lesbian, Asha has had to deal with microaggressions and outright bigotry. The Covid 19 pandemic separated Asha from her peers during a critical phase of social development. Recognizing a similar need in teens around the world, Asha decided to create online safe spaces for other LGBTQ+ and neurodivergent teens to interact with one another, learn together, and support each other.

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